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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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How to perform a Miami-Dade County warrant search How to perform a Miami-Dade County warrant search
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How to Carry out a warrant search in Miami-Dade County, Florida

A Miami-Dade County warrant search shouldn't be a complicated task. Plenty of data (online and offline) are available to the public allowing virtually anyone to check his or others' criminal history.

Performing a local inquiry

We strongly recommend starting your Miami-Dade County warrant search using the MDPD's online Crime Information Center. It enables users to find out if a person is suspected of a crime and wanted by the police by entering a name, DOB, race or sex. You can focus your inquiry on a warrant type as well.

Expanding your search to the state level

The FDLE operates the Public Access System that can be used to initiate a Florida warrant search based on suspect's name and other personal details. This system collects data on a daily basis from sheriff offices in all of FL counties.

How to find Miami-Dade County arrest records

You can search for current inmates in the county jail using the online inquiry tool of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Performing a statewide search

For a wider FL arrest search (including former inmates), refer to the FDLE's online Criminal History Search. This tool shows individuals incarcerated all over the state. Each name searched costs $24. For more details on how to locate an inmate in the state, read this article.

Obtaining information on Miami-Dade County Criminal records

To check if a person has a criminal record, you need to get access to court dockets as they can tell you if that person has been convicted of a crime. The online services section on the website of the Clerk of Court directs you to a criminal case search and to other computerized data banks containing other types of public records. In addition, a criminal history check can be requested from the Clerk of Court either by mail, online or in person by visiting their office (Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building 1351 NW 12th St., Suite 9000, Miami, Florida 33125) and using their computers. For more details on these options, go here.

Performing a Miami-Dade County warrant search using an advanced online tool

Instead of turning to so many sources for a single background check, you may choose to use the inquiry tool offered by After entering the subject's name (and choosing Florida as your search area), you will be given a detailed report containing that subject's criminal history. Among the rest, you will see outstanding arrest orders, jail records, conviction records and more. All inquiries are fully confidential. The data is reliable and updated.