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Database Update on February 23, 2024

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How to Look for Peoria County Arrest Records How to Look for Peoria County Arrest Records In This Article 
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Where and How to Look for Peoria County Arrest Records

Peoria County arrest records can be viewed online in addition to other dockets necessary for a background check. This article will specifically direct you to these dockets while helping you check whether a person has a criminal history.

Conducting a search for Peoria County arrest records

The county operates an electronic inquiry tool that presents jail records. You need to type the defendant's full name with additional criteria (such as booking and release dates) that will narrow the search. For example, by typing the name Wilson Dan, you will get 23 records (This number can change on a daily basis). Each shows incarceration date and release, booking #, charges and the arresting agency. Some files go back to the beginning of the 1990s and even prior to that. You will also be able to inquire about jail bond records using this online tool. The info presented consists of bond number, type and status and related offenses. For more details, you should refer to the sheriff's Records Division (phone: 309-697-8515).

Searching the state of Illinois

Peoria County arrest records give details on people incarcerated locally. Those looking for broader information on Illinois arrests will benefit from the computerized offender search maintained by the IDOC ( An inmate can be traced in the state's prisons by birthdate, number or name.

Does the person you are checking have a criminal record?

To inquire about a person's convictions history, you ought to gain access to court information. Peoria County court records can be found on the following official electronic case search tool. You can find criminal dockets by case number, defendant's name, citation number and even by attorney's name. The Circuit Clerk also presents a list of civil, traffic and criminal court dockets on his website plus a search option. The data is arranged according to case #, defendant's name, hearing type, judge and date.

Locating sex offenders

The county operates online sex offender information ( where you can trace a sex felon in your area by name or address. This database is open to the public free of charge.

Finding Peoria County warrants

To discover whether a person is a fugitive wanted by the police, you are advised to perform an online Peoria County warrant search on the sheriff's website. You will be presented with a case number, the suspect's name and his or her alleged offenses. The data is organized based on offense type – felonies and misdemeanors.

Use one electronic database to do all the background check you need

This website operates an efficient inquiry tool that will present you with a person's full criminal history, including Peoria County arrest records,  court warrants and conviction records. It will save you plenty of time an enable you to search from the comfort of your home with your computer or cellular device. Accuracy is guaranteed as well as your anonymity.