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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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McHenry County Arrest Records and Warrant Search, IL McHenry County Arrest Records and Warrant Search, IL In This Article 
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Guidelines for Carrying out McHenry County Arrest Records and Warrant Search, Illinois

McHenry County arrest records provide details on people apprehended by the sheriff or other local law enforcement agencies. They usually present booking date and number, a description of the offenses the detainee committed and bond information. Warrants are issued by the court after the police presented enough evidence that indicates a probable cause for an arrest. We have to remember that unless convicted in court, wanted people are not considered guilty of any crime.

Carrying out an arrest search

McHenry County arrest records can be seen online by referring to the computerized inmate search on the sheriff’s website. Only current inmates and those released in the last 3 days are presented. If you want your investigation to go further back in time, it is suggested to carry out a broader criminal record check by filing a FOIA request to the sheriff office. You can file the request online or download a PDF form. The two options (and fees) appear here. Take into accounts that in order to get reports dealing with arrests, pending charges or juveniles, a subpoena is required.

Searching the state’s databases

You may choose to expand the scope of your investigation by referring to databases run by the IDOC. Their computerized offender search presents inmates in prisons all over Illinois. Results reveal admission / release info, sentencing details, the inmate’s physical profile, a mugshot and the institution where he or she is housed.

Where to look for outstanding warrants

To obtain information on McHenry County warrants, turn to the Fugitive Apprehension Unit at the sheriff office (Their telephone number is 815-334-4704). They also present a list of the 10 most wanted fugitives.

How to access McHenry County court records

On the website of the Circuit Court Clerk, you will come across a link to an electronic case search tool where you can trace court dockets by number or name. Case number, status, charges, sentencing and court events will be presented. You can use this information to file a request to get a full electronic copy. Requests should be emailed to the Circuit Clerk. A fee will be required. For exact instructions, go here.

Conducting a broader criminal records search

Those seeking a complete background check can obtain all the information in one database by referring to Running a name-based search on this website will provide you with full and updated criminal history reports containing McHenry County arrest records, conviction records, police records, active warrants and dockets issued by the court. The data is highly reliable. Service fees are low. Confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.