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How to Perform a Mclean County Jail Inmate Search How to Perform a Mclean County Jail Inmate Search In This Article 
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Guidelines for Carrying out a Mclean County Jail Inmate Search

For a criminal background check to be complete, it must include a Mclean County jail inmate search as well as warrants and criminal records. The article below explains how to locate an inmate in the county and how to find relevant dockets that may reveal a person's criminal history.

Carrying out an arrest search

The primary source for a Mclean County jail inmate search is the local detention facility. To inquire about a detainee, you can call them at (309) 888-5065. To run an online search, we recommend the inmate search tool you will find on the website of IL Department of Correction at By filling in a name, an IDOC number or a birth date, you will get Illinois prison records that cover all of the state's counties.

Obtaining police records

Another way to carry out a Mclean County jail inmate search is to access police records. They can be obtained by turning to the FOIA Officer at 115 E Washington St. Rm 401. Bloomington, IL 61701, phone: (309)888-511. These records can also reveal information on Mclean County warrants issued by the court. Be advised, after filing a request, you will we charged with a fee of 20-25 dollars. If you want to save the money, you can run a warrant search by visiting the sheriff office at 104 W. Front St. Bloomington, IL  61701, phone: (309) 888-50340. The sheriff is usually willing to disclose warrant information hoping that cooperation with the public may give him some clues as to the whereabouts of fugitives.

Finding criminal records

Mclean County criminal records can be searched with the help of the computerized Public Access Search System operated by the County Circuit Clerk. On this page (, you can access either a criminal or a civil database. The former presents court cases and convictions from 1991 onwards.

Using this website's search tool

If you wish to find all the information using one comprehensive source, refer to the criminal records check tool on After typing the subject name and paying a small fee, you will get an extensive criminal history report which shows a person’s full incarceration history. This feature enables you to do a Mclean County jail inmate search. You will also see outstanding warrants issued against that person plus criminal court records. The data includes other counties as well. Accuracy and confidentiality are 100% guaranteed.