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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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St. Clair County Arrest Records and Court Dockets St. Clair County Arrest Records and Court Dockets In This Article 
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How to Find St. Clair County Arrest Records & Criminal Court Dockets, IL

After reading this article, you will know how and where to search for St. Clair County arrest records and other documents that will assist you in determining whether a person has a criminal history in the county in particular and in the state as a whole.

Searching for a person’s incarceration history

The sheriff does not display St. Clair County arrest records online. So to inquire whether a certain person has been apprehended in the past, you ought to contact the jail (618-207-4374) and ask them for information. They might be reluctant to provide details on the phone. If that is the case, you will have to go to their main office at 700 N 5th St, Belleville, Illinois 62220.

Conducting an Illinois arrest search

To inquire about inmates in the state’s prisons, access the IDOC’s online database. You will be able to locate a specific person by name, number or date of birth.

Finding St. Clair County warrants

The sheriff office is in charge of processing all of St. Clair County warrants the moment they are released and become active. For this reason, they should be approached for information. We suggest setting a meeting in advance by calling 618-277-3504. Be advised, it is discovered that you have some unresolved issues with the police, visiting the sheriff might be a one-way ticket to jail.

Conducting a criminal record check – looking for St. Clair County court records

St. Clair County court records are essential for every background check as they indicate whether a person has prior convictions on his name. We recommend utilizing the Circuit Clerk’s computerized database to get access to civil and criminal cases. In addition, you can use the search service offered by so as to find out if the subject of your inquiry has a criminal record. You will get in-depth reports elaborating on a person’s background, including St. Clair County arrest records and warrants issued by the court. The data is highly accurate and is being updated constantly. Searchers remain confidential. The fee for this service is relatively low.

Conducting a sex offender search

The State’s Police maintain a database where sex offenders can be located in all of IL counties by name, address, status and type of offense.