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Database Update on April 22, 2024

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Michigan Michigan Do you need to carry out a criminal records search? This article will assist you in finding Michigan arrest records, warrants and court dockets so t
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How to Find Michigan Arrest Records and Warrants

Do you need to carry out a criminal records search? This article will assist you in finding Michigan arrest records, warrants and court dockets so that you can check the background of people close to you, for example an employee, a person you have recently started dating or even the nanny you plan to hire for your little kids.

The best sources to trace Michigan arrest records

Conviction and arrest records from all of MI law enforcement agencies are delivered to the Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC) supervised by the State Police. This database is accessible to the public from any device connected to the Internet. What you have to do to find Michigan criminal records is visit the ICHAT (Internet Criminal History Access Tool), sign up, pay a $10 fee via credit card and then conduct your search based on a person's full name and birth date. You will be shown convictions and arrests longer than 93 days from all over the state. The data does not include minor misdemeanor offenses, federal and juvenile records and cases that ended with no convictions. For more explanations on how to use this service, go here.

Searching for Michigan warrants and running a background check on a local level

The best way to perform a warrant search is to rely on local sources. The county sheriff can tell you if the person you are checking is wanted for a crime. In some cases you will have to turn to the court. For example, information on Genesee County warrants can be obtained from the Criminal Division of the District Court. The sheriff is also the primary source for information on people incarcerated for minor offenses. You will be required to visit his office and conduct your investigation assisted by the deputies. Some sheriffs have a jail roster on their website. For example, you can find Wayne County arrest records here.

How to find Michigan court records

MI court records should also be searched in the relevant county. Go to the District Court to look for misdemeanor cases and to the Circuit Court to find more serious felony cases. A FOIA request to view public documents may be required. Some courts will help you garner information online. For instance, Wayne County court records (criminal and civil) can be searched using the electronic inquiry tool offered by the County Clerk.

How to locate MI sex offenders

The State Police manages an electronic registry that allows users to search for people with a history of sex offenses based on their name, place of residence or work address.

Conducting a background check fast and efficiently

To make it more convenient for you to track a person's criminal history in the state and the entire country while saving you time and effort, offers users an online name-based search. You will get comprehensive reports that consist of a person's incarceration history, conviction and jail records, active warrants, police data, court dockets and more – all of that at a very small fee. Your anonymity is guaranteed. The data is updated constantly to make sure it remains accurate.