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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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Conducting a Criminal Record Check in Hinds County, Mississippi

Those interested in conducting a criminal record check in Hind County, MS, will benefit from reading this article as it will explain how to find arrest records, warrants and court dockets in a highly efficient manner.

Where to look for Hinds County arrest records

The Board of Supervisors operates an online inmate query which enables you to trace a detainee in the county based on name, city or Pin number. It also presents a list of arrests organized according to booking date. Mississippi arrest records will give you a broader perspective allowing you to track a person incarceration history in the state as a whole. To search for these records, use the online inmate lookup operated by the MODC.

Running a warrant search

Hinds County warrants are processed and maintained by the sheriff office, and this is where you should go to inquire about wanted people and fugitives. The office is located at 407 E. Pascagoula St. Jackson, MS 3920 (601-974-2900). You may also try to contact the detention center for information about a specific fugitive (601-857-4800).

Finding criminal court dockets

You will not find a governmental online search tool that displays Hinds County court records dealing with criminal cases. The Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) presents civil public records only. What you will be able to see instead is people with criminal records for sex offenses. The state maintains an electronic public registry where these sex offenders can be searched by name or location. If you are still interested in finding court dockets for other type of offenses, we recommend using the search tool on this website. You can check a person’s past by typing his or her name on the inquiry box. You will get highly accurate and up to date criminal history reports that include incarceration and conviction records, police records and warrants – in other words, all that is necessary for a background check.