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Jones County Arrest Records and Warrants Jones County Arrest Records and Warrants In This Article 
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Jones County Arrest Records and Warrants, Mississippi

Finding Jones County arrest records is not that difficult if you know how and where to search. Plenty of information on a person’s criminal past can be obtained from doing a simple web research.

Tracking a person’s incarceration history

The first source you should use to trace Jones County arrest records is the inmate roster on the sheriff’s website. A detainee can be located by name or by looking at releases carried out in the last 48 hours. Each file attached to a name contains booking ID and date, personal details, charges and bond (if there was any).

Finding Jones County Warrants

If you want to check about wanted people, you are advised to visit the sheriff office in person (419 Yates Avenue, Laurel, MS 39440. phone:601-425-3147). They are in charge of executing all of Jones County warrants together with the local police departments. They will be able to tell you with certainty whether a certain person is wanted or not.

Performing a statewide inmate lookup

The IDOC’s offender search will help you locate an inmate in the state’s correctional facilities. You can run your check according to an ID number or a person’s name. The data revealed includes an inmate’s location, prison term and offenses. You will also be shown a future release date and a mugshot.

The difficulty in finding court records

Criminal dockets released by the court in Mississippi are shown only to authorized persons. Unfortunately, this rule applies to Jones County court records as well. You have two choices:
  1. You can settle for a sex offender search. People convicted of a sexual assault are presented on a special electronic registry run by the state. They can be traced by name or geographical location.
You may choose to use the search engine provided by By typing the name of the one you are checking, you will get a fully detailed criminal history report which consists of jail records, police incarceration data, warrants and court dockets. The information is accurate and up to date. Your anonymity is guaranteed. A small and affordable fee is required.