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Database Update on January 27, 2023

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Rankin County arrest records and Warrants Rankin County arrest records and Warrants In This Article 
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Rankin County arrest records and Warrants, Mississippi

Rankin County arrest records are not displayed online by the sheriff office contrary to some other counties. With warrants there is the same problem – there is no official search tool on the Internet. Therefore, you have two options for a background check: a) conducting an offline inquiry, and b) using private online sources. Both will be presented in the following article.

Finding updated information on Rankin County arrests

To inquire about people incarcerated in Rankin County, you will have to fill in a public information request form and deliver it to the sheriff office (221 N Timber St. Brandon, MS 39042, telephone number: 601-825-1480). This form can also be used to extract information on specific crime incidents including the people involved in those incidents. There are official online tools you can use for an arrest search, but they cover the whole state and not just the county. The primary tool is the MDOC’s inmate locator. Using it, you can track an inmate in prison facilities by typing a name or an ID number.

Do people you know have a warrant for their arrest?

The sheriff is responsible for processing and storing Rankin County warrants. Therefore, you should visit his office to find out if the person you are checking is suspected of a crime and is thus wanted by the police (the sheriff’s contact details appear above). In the majority of the cases, law enforcement authorities will not have any problem revealing the county’s wanted persons list. They even cherish cooperation with the public hoping to get some tips that will help them with their criminal investigations.

Where to look for Rankin County court records – using an efficient private database

The Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) will provide you access to Rankin County civil court records only and that is after you go through a long process of registration. To view criminal dockets that may help you determine whether the subject of your search has a history of convictions, we strongly recommend the search service provided by this website. All that is required of you is to type a person’s name. You will instantly get a report containing all the data you need for a criminal record check: conviction records, police records, warrants and incarceration history. All reports are fully updated and the information they contain is highly accurate. Your inquiry is kept 100% confidential. Prices are affordable

Conducting a sex offender search

The state puts at your disposal a registry with names of people with a history of sexual violence. These offenders can be searched by name or by address.