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Database Update on February 23, 2024

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How to Search for Franklin County Arrest Records

This article portrays step by step the process of tracing Franklin County arrest records. You will also be shown the major governmental and private databases that will assist you carrying out a warrant search and a criminal record check. To locate current inmates, turn to the county regional jail. Their phone number is 502-875-7398. They might refer you to their website where they maintain an electronic database with names of detainees apprehended in recent months. The state's Department of Rehabilitation and Correction operates an electronic database that enables you to carry out a much broader Ohio inmate search. You can base your inquiry on the county where the inmate has committed the crime. The database exhibits coloured mugshots, the inmate's status (incarcerated / released), the institution where he or she is held and sentence and offence information. Unfortunately, the sheriff does not operate a computerized data bank that displays Franklin County warrants. To extract information on wanted people in the county, you need to physically arrive at the sheriff office at 373 S. High Street Floor 2B. Columbus, OH 43215. You can directly contact the Warrant Division at 614-525-3346. For your information, the sheriff's website presents a very short list of the county's most wanted people. However, it is far from being sufficient for a thorough inquiry.

Third step – Tracing a person's prior convictions

Arrest records show a person's incarceration history. To obtain information on prosecutions and convictions, you ought to access dockets issued by the court. The clerk of courts operates an online public inquiry tool where searchers can find copies of Franklin County court records (criminal and civil). For more information, you can turn to the Criminal division at: 345 South High Street, 1st Floor Columbus, OH 43215 Phone: 614-525-3650

Final step – Locating sex offenders

Ohio sex offender registry will assist you in tracing people with criminal records for sex offenses. Searching the registry is very easy and demands no fee. You can focus on the offender's name, address, emails or phone number.

Using this website's search service

As has been shown above, Franklin County offers very few online search options. If you prefer to conduct your investigation on the Internet only, we recommend the inquiry tool on this website. You do not need more than a name to get detailed criminal history reports that encompass the entire state. The reports contain accurate, reliable and up-to-date information that includes police records and criminal court cases. Civil records appear in the reports as well. The service demands a very small fee. Searchers enjoy full confidentiality.


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