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Database Update on February 23, 2024

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How to Search for Mahoning County Arrest Records

Mahoning County arrest records display a person's prior arrests. You will need them as well as warrants and court dockets for a thorough criminal background check. The sheriff's official site offers an excellent inquiry tool to locate Mahoning County arrest records. The information it reveals includes the arrestee's personal details, a mugshot and inmate and booking numbers. A full description of offenses will appear too including sentence, date of arrest and release and bond information. You can find more precise and updated data that relate to the last 24 hours. The sheriff's website produces detailed reports of recent bookings and releases. They can be found here. Lastly, you can obtain information on arrests made all over the state by referring to the computerized databases of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. These databases allow you to conduct an inmate lookup that covers the whole state. To extract information on the county's active warrants, you had better refer to the sheriff's Record Office. Their working hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm. They will conduct background check for you for which they charge $30. For additional details, they can be reached at 330-480-5030. You may also contact the Warrant Division directly and use their resources for your investigation. Their phone number is 330-480-5034. Their physical location is 110 Fifth Ave. Youngstown, OH 44503.

Conducting a criminal record check

To find out whether a person has a criminal record for prior convictions, we recommend looking for Mahoning County court records. The clerk of courts provides you with an online case search that enables you to locate civil and criminal court dockets from your personal computer or cellular device. If you are seeking more extensive information, you will have to visit the clerk's office (120 Market St. Youngstown, OH 44503. Phone no. 330-740-2104) and make a request to view public records. The website of the Ohio Attorney General elaborates on your right to access governmental documents under the "Sunshine Laws".

Carrying out a sex offender search

On the sheriff's website you will see links to two databases. The first allows you to locate people with a history sex offenses on a county level. The second directs you to Ohio sex offender registry where you can run a statewide inquiry.