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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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Tarrant County Warrant Search Tarrant County Warrant Search Performing a Tarrant County warrant search shouldn’t be difficult as long as you know which agency to turn to for information.The best way to in
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Easiest Way to Do a Tarrant County Warrant Search and Find Arrest Records

Performing a Tarrant County warrant search shouldn’t be difficult as long as you know which agency to turn to for information.

Inquiring about wanted people

The best way to inquire about Tarrant County warrants is the place where they are processed and stored, which is the sheriff office. You need to pay a visit to the Criminal Warrants Department (200 Taylor Street - 6th Floor, Fort Worth, Texas 76196. Phone: 817-884-1289) and once you are there, inquire about a person of interest to you. The sheriff office usually does not withhold information it has on the county’s wanted suspects believing that helping the public will also help them locate and capture fugitives.

A word of caution!

In fact, a Tarrant County warrant search is a common activity and the sheriff staff is used to it. Most searchers are interested in finding out about themselves, whether they are wanted for a crime they committed in the past. You should know that if you go to check on yourself and it is found out that there is an outstanding arrest order against you, you will be taken into custody on the spot. So preferably, send someone else to check for you.

Performing an arrest search

You can look for Tarrant county arrest records using the sheriff’s online inmate database. Type either a name or a CID# and you will see the following details: The detainee’s name, sex, BOD and CID number, charge, detention date, the agency that made the arrest and bond amount.

Performing a broader arrest inquiry

A wider TX inmate lookup can be performed electronically with these two sources: 1) To see arrests for offenses greater than Class B misdemeanor carried out all over Texas, use the TxDPS’ Criminal History Search. Access to data costs money. 2) To locate inmates in the state’s prisons, go to the online offender search of the TDCJ.

Inquiring about a person’s history of convictions

Discovering if a person has ever been found guilty of a crime requiresaccessing Tarrant County court records. You can use the online public access records search to findinformation on criminal cases (it allows to look for a specific case based on the defendant’s name, case #, date or attorney). Or you can utilize the Dial-in-Service provided by the District Clerk. This service gets you access to the county’s criminal database. Be advised, you must sign up and send a confirmation to the Clerk’s office. For further explanations, go here.

Another option for a Tarrant county warrant search

To find out if a person is wanted for a crime and to carry out a full background check easily and in an instant manner, we recommend the electronic criminal inquiry tool maintained by USARRESTSEARCH.ORG. Choose Texas. Then enter a name and you will get his or her criminal history report. The data are accurate and they cover the most recent cases. Your Anonymity is fully preserved the moment you enter the website and use its service.