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How to Search for Bibb County Arrests How to Search for Bibb County Arrests
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Running a Background Check: Searching for Bibb County Arrests and Warrants

Bibb County arrests can be searched on the Internet. There are online databases which will enable you to locate active and inactive inmates. This article will direct you to these databases. It will also illustrate how to carry out a criminal record check in a broader sense by explaining how to look for warrants and court records.

Finding Bibb County arrest records

The website managed by the sheriff contains an online database with information on Bibb County arrests. It displays released and incarcerated detainees in addition to charges filed against them. In case you are looking for older jail records, you had better contact the Corrections Division at the sheriff office. They have a special jail information line at 478-621-5611. In addition, you are advised to go to the website of the GDC to garner information on Georgia arrests. You will find there an online locator through which you can find present and former offenders in prisons all over the state.

Carrying out a warrant inquiry

Bibb County warrants are processed by the sheriff office. Accordingly, you should turn to their Warrant Division for information regarding the county’s wanted people. They do not present an online fugitive list, but they offer searchers a special telephone number for inquiries: 478-746-9441.

How to carry out a criminal records search

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) provides criminal history reports on any person you may want to check. These reports cover all of GA and Bibb County arrests. This service entails a fee of 15 dollars per report. You should know that juveniles’ records are in most cases not available to the public. For more information, go here.

Searching for Bibb County court records

To undertake a criminal dockets search in the county, you should rely on two main sources:
  • For misdemeanor cases, refer to the State Court website, where you will find a criminal dockets search tool. You can run your inquiry based on an offender’s name, docket number or filing date.
  • For felony cases, use the computerized inquiry tool maintained by the Clerk of the Superior Court. They demand that you sign up and subscribe to their service. Fees and registration process are shown on their webpage.

Conducting a sex offender search

The sheriff office operates a sex offender registry to enable the county’s residents to locate sex felons. The GBI manages a larger registry that encompasses the entire state.  Searches can be done according to two main parameters, Offender name and his / her known address.

Using a highly efficient inquiry tool

An alternative and much easier way to inquire about Bibb County arrests is to use the inquiry tool provided by A name based search will present incarceration records, warrants and official criminal dockets from all of Georgia. Results are precise and updated. Anonymity and privacy are guaranteed.