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Database Update on October 24, 2021

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Find Information on Carroll County Arrests and Warrants Find Information on Carroll County Arrests and Warrants
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How to Inquire about Carroll County Arrests

Data and figures regarding Carroll County arrests are considered public records. That means anyone can obtain information about people that spent time in jail. The following article will guide you how to trace a person's incarceration history and criminal background on a county and a state level.

Searching for Carroll County arrest records

Full records of Carroll County arrests are kept online at this link. To find out if the one you are checking has been apprehended recently or in the past, just enter his or her name into the inquiry tool. Older records should be traced by filling in a booking date.

Expanding your inquiry to cover the entire state

If you are not sure what county a potential offender is being held in, you can search the state's databases. The GBI keeps an online data bank of all Georgia arrests. Each search costs $15. Alternatively, you can visit the GDC's website, where you can locate convicts by name or case number all over the state. You can also see whether someone is eligible for parole or is currently on parole.

Searching for Carroll County Warrants

Arrest warrants are legal documents that allow the police to arrest a person suspected of committing a crime. They can be issued for anything from violent crimes to parking tickets. If you want to know more about current or past Carroll County warrants, contact the Open Records Clerk at the sheriff office by phone at 770-830-5916. This is your only option since the county does not have an electronic search tool available to the public.

Where can you run a case search?

Carroll County court records contain a complete list of the people who have gone to trial and / or were convicted of a crime. These records can be viewed on the computerized database managed by clerk of court. This is a quite advanced inquiry tool that enables you to find data according to party name, case number and type, offense, date, court code and more.

How to locate potentially dangerous sex offenders

Those convicted of a sex crime in Georgia are required to be placed on the sex offender registry. They must also keep the state up-to-date with their address so that people know that they have moved into their neighborhood. To conduct an inquiry in Carroll County, you can use the following registry managed by the sheriff.