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Database Update on January 27, 2023

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How to Search for Chatham County Arrest Records How to Search for Chatham County Arrest Records
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The Easiest Way to Find Chatham County Arrest Records

Chatham County arrest records should first and foremost be searched at the sheriff office. We recommend performing an online inquiry using the sheriff’s website. On the Corrections Section, you will be able to find a list of bookings that took place in the last 24 and 72 hours. The average county’s detainee population consists of 1,739 people. So if you are interested in a wider inquiry looking for jail records older than 72 hours, you should turn directly to Chatham County Detention Center. Their phone number is 912-652-7700.

Undertaking a Chatham County warrant search

To garner information on Chatham County warrants, you should turn to the sheriff as well. Since they do not have an online inquiry tool, you ought to pay them a visit in person (1050 Carl Griffin Drive. Savannah, Georgia 31405) and go over the databases in their office. To prevent confusion, it is essential that you distinguish between Chatham County arrest records and warrants. The former display all the instances in which an individual was detained in the county jail. The latter are an indication that an individual is a suspect of an illegal activity whether he was incarcerated or not.

Tracing a person’s history of convictions

To find Chatham County court records, the best place to run your inquiry is the local court website. There you will be able to find an electronic case search tool. In addition, the website contains a summary of court dockets for civil and criminal cases.

Using state’s resources to complete your criminal record check

Here is a list of the state’s databases you can use to expand your inquiry:
  • The Georgia Felon Search, operated by the GTA, will enable you to view Chatham County arrest records as well as arrest histories from all over the state. Each search requires a $15 fee.
  • The state’s Department of Corrections will allow you to carry out a Georgia inmate search using an efficient electronic locator on its website.
  • The Georgia sex offender registry will help you trace sex predators statewide.

Tracing sex offenders

The sheriff website contains a local sex offender registry through which you can trace the county’s sex felons either by zip code or by name. Your search will show the offender’s mugshot, physical and personal details, address, risk level and the type of crime he was convicted of.

How can this website assist you?

Finally, puts at your disposal a highly efficient search tool that provides detailed reports containing a person’s criminal background, in particular GA and Chatham County arrest records. The major plus is that you can find all the data you need running one search only. Results are reliable and updated. The price for this service is affordable and customer’s privacy and confidentiality are 100% guaranteed.