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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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How to Inquire about Clarke County Arrest Records and Warrants

Clarke County arrest records as well as warrants are available to anyone interested in running a background check. The following lines will guide through the process of tracking a person's criminal history on a county and state level.

Where to look for current and past inmates

Clarke County arrest records from the past seven days are kept online on the sheriff’s website. If you’re looking for detainees who have just been incarcerated, refer to the following list. Note that there is a 24-hour delay on these records and the sheriff’s office cannot be held accountable for the reliability or accuracy of the information provided by these databases.

Inquiring about Georgia arrest records

If you’re looking for a potential offender and you’re not sure whether he / she can be found in the system, you can perform an arrest inquiry using state-wide databases:
  • The GBI's official inquiry tool allows you to perform a Georgia offender search. You need the name and date of birth of the person in question as well as a credit card to pay the $15 search fee.
  • Alternatively, you can search the GA Department of Corrections online database. Complete the criminal record check by entering the name of the subject, his or her ID or case number.

Performing a Clarke County warrant search

There is no online database available for searching for Clarke County warrants. Instead, you can request them from the sheriff. His office is located at 325 E. Washington St. Suite 125 Athens, GA 30601 and is open between 8 AM and 5 PM for information requests. In addition, more detailed criminal history reports are available for $20 each, which can be paid to the sheriff’s office when requesting the documents.

Clarke County court records

Court dockets are important resources when completing a background check because while arrest records tell you if a person was incarcerated, court records will provide information on whether that person was convicted of a crime, to what degree and what the punishment was. Clarke County court records can be found on the clerk of court's website by following this link. You can search for civil or criminal documents by case number or name. You can also order and pay a small fee for the documents online.

Locating sex offenders

To search for sex offenders in Georgia, simply visit the online sex offender registry, which is run by the GBI. Inquiries can be performed based on name, city, and offense type.

Recommended search tool

Use the search tool on to get criminal background reports on any individual living in your county or state. Each report displays, among other details, Clarke County arrest records, active warrants and court-issued files. Accuracy and searchers' confidentiality are guaranteed.