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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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Inquire about Columbia County Arrests & Warrants Inquire about Columbia County Arrests & Warrants
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Searching for Columbia County Arrests and Warrants

Columbia County arrests are presented online. Searchers can also obtain information on warrants issued by the court. That makes it a lot easier to perform a background check on almost anyone. The paragraphs below will guide you step by step how to trace a person's criminal and incarceration history on a county and state level to help you keep the people you care for safe.

Let's start with an arrest search

Columbia County arrest records can be searched online on the sheriff's website, which presents an updated list of all the county's detainees. This list can be filtered by name, race, gender, age, charge and the agency that apprehended the suspect. If you wish to further inquire about a specific person (including his / her prior arrests), you should try to contact the local detention center (706-541-3920). They might be willing to tell you if the one you are asking about has ever populated their facility.

Where to find Georgia arrest records

To conduct a more thorough investigation which will encompass all of GA detention facilities, we recommend that you go to the GDC's website. They offer an online offender search which will enables you to locate an inmate by name (a partial match will suffice), gender, age, race and institution. Their database also contains people on parole.

Inquiring about Columbia County warrants

The sheriff office will be able to assist you when it comes to searching for Columbia County warrants. It presents a detailed wanted list with more than 1,000 names. Each name includes basic information (race, gender, age) and a description of charges. If you are interested in finding much older warrants, contact the sheriff at 706-541-1042. You will probably have to do an offline search at his office (2273 County Camp Road, Appling, GA 30802)

Running a statewide criminal record check

Those interested in tracing a person's criminal history in the entire state, had better use the computerized felon search offered by the Georgia Technology Authority. Be advised, this service doesn't come cheap – each search will cost you 15 dollars.

Columbia County court records

Dockets issued by the court display prosecution and conviction histories and so will indicate whether the subject of your inquiry has a criminal record. Columbia County Clerk of Court puts at your disposal an electronic database that exhibits civil and criminal cases. You can run a search to cover the Superior Court, State Court or both. The data presented includes offense type (felony or misdemeanor), charges and court dates. Some cases also show the name of the lawyers that were involved in the trial.

Finding sex offenders

To make your investigation complete, you will need to be able to look for the county's sex offenders. The sheriff office runs a registry with full details on every felon plus his or her mugshot. Sex crimes are considered the most heinous, so we strongly advise carefully checking the people you interact with, especially those with direct access to your children (e.g. their babysitter).