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How to Search for Fulton County Arrest Records How to Search for Fulton County Arrest Records
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Simple Guidelines for Finding Fulton County Arrest Records

The following paragraphs explain in detail how to trace Fulton County arrest records and other legal documents such as arrest warrants and court records in order to check a person’s background. Why will you need to perform a criminal record check? Imagine your daughter is seeing a new guy. As a concerned parent you will surely want to check whether that guy has a criminal history that may jeopardize her.  Alternatively, your wife is looking for a nanny and you have already interviewed a couple of women. Naturally you will want to make certain they have a clean record. These are only two examples of real life situations. Of course, there can many other similar situations.

The sources that may help you locate Fulton County arrest records

The sheriff’ website contains an electronic searchable database of jail records. Required fields include the detainee’s first and second name only. Some of the results are from the 1990s and even the 1980s. Each online record includes the arrestee’s name, aliases, address and physical features. Charges, bond information and, of course, booking and release date are displayed as well. The above-mentioned database refers only to Fulton County arrest records. If you want to obtain statewide prison records, you should conduct a Georgia inmate search on the official website of GA Department of Corrections. The inquiry tool they offer enables you to trace current and former inmates in the state’s prison system.

Carrying out a Fulton County warrant search

There is no official online archive that presents Fulton County warrants. Therefore, you will have to settle for an offline inquiry. Go to the sheriff office and ask them to show you the updated list of the county’s wanted people. They are located at 185 Central Ave S.W., 9th Floor. Atlanta, GA 30303. Phone: 404-612-5100.

Using statewide online sources

There are two computerized sources we strongly recommend:
  • The felon search managed by the GTA (you can find it here) exhibits a person’s criminal history, including Georgia and Fulton County arrest records and warrants.  The problem with this database is its price – each inquiry costs $15.
  • The search service offered by presents elaborate background check reports containing updated and precise civil and criminal data. You will be able to perform a criminal records search that will reveal Fulton County warrants, a person’s incarceration history and prior convictions. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Locating court records

Dockets issued by the court can give you an indication as to a person’s convictions. The clerk of the Superior Court maintains a case search where you can find electronic copies of Fulton County court records and proceedings. You can also file a FOIA request to view public records. The Georgia Open Records Act obligates the relevant authorities to reveal governmental documents within three business days.

How to conduct a sex offender search

To find out if a former sex offender or a sex predator lives in your neighborhood, we suggest turning to the state’s sex offender registry. The search is free and you can conduct your inquiry based on offender and offense type, name, county, gender, race and address. Apart from presenting Georgia sex offenders, it also shows absconders you should be aware of.