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How to Search for Gwinnett County Arrest Records How to Search for Gwinnett County Arrest Records
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Find Gwinnett County Arrest Records

Gwinnett County arrest records will tell you whether a person has ever been apprehended by the police regardless of whether he / she was prosecuted and convicted of a crime in court. This article will show you the most efficient ways to obtain these records so that you will be able to know if the person you are checking has ever spent time in jail.

Guidelines for a Gwinnett County arrest search

The sheriff’s website displays Gwinnett County arrest records in an electronic docket book. This book contains a couple of databases with names of active inmates according to their incarceration date: 48 hours, 14 days and one month. You will be able to see additional details, such as offender ID, charges and bond. The docket book also exhibits a list of recent releases and probation arrests. If you are seeking jail records older than one month, turn to county jail. Their telephone number is 770-619-6500 (option 2).

Locating an inmate in the state’s correctional system

To conduct a Georgia inmate search we advise visiting the website of GA Department of Corrections and accessing their offender query tool. You will be able to see the state’s current and past prison records.

How to run a Gwinnett County warrant search

Gwinnett County warrants empower a police officer to incarcerate a person for a crime he / she has committed. To become legally valid, a warrant must be approved and signed by a judge. Your main source of information is the sheriff office. They process all warrants issued by the county’s courts. As they do not operate an online databank, searchers are required to physically arrive at their office at 2900 University Pkwy. NE, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043. Telephone: 770-619-6500. Some searchers prefer to get a broader perspective, and so use the felon search managed by the Georgia Technology Authority. This database presents a person’s criminal background in all of GA counties. This service is not cheap as it costs 15 dollars per search. However, using it, you will be able to see Gwinnett County arrest records & warrants issued against the person you inquire about.

Gwinnett County court records

To obtain copies of court dockets (which you are entitled to view under Georgia Open Records Act), you will be required to file an open records request. The clerk of court enables you to do it using an electronic form on their website. You can address your request to the county’s various offices (e.g. the sheriff, the court). You will be asked to provide personal details, such as your name, address, e-mail and phone number. For further details, dial 770-822-8100. Finally, the clerk of court puts at your disposal an online case search linked to the county’s civil and criminal courts. It can be accessed using this link.

Tracing sex offenders in your area

To find out whether a person with a history of sex offenses lives near you, refer to the state’s sex offender registry maintained by the GBI. You will be able to see the names of Georgia sex offenders who reside in close proximity to your home.

Initiating a criminal record check using this website’s inquiry tool

Searchers interested in finding all the information in one comprehensive and reliable source are invited to try this website’s civil and criminal search service. It displays reports containing a person’s criminal history in Georgia and the rest of the country. You can use it to trace Gwinnett County arrest records in addition to incarceration data from all over the state. All the searches are fully confidential.