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How to Carry out a Muscogee County Warrant Search

up A Muscogee County warrant search can be easily done if you know which online and offline sources to access. These sources may also help you find arrest records and court dockets you will require for a full-scale criminal background check on yourself or on a third person.

Conducting Muscogee County warrant search

One of the services offered by the sheriff's website includes a warrant inquiry tool. You will be asked to enter the subject's full name and gender in order to get results. If the information presented is insufficient or inaccurate (which can sometimes happen), you are invited to drop by the sheriff office and run an offline inquiry. You will find them at Columbus Consolidated Government, 4th Floor of the Tower, 100 10th Street. Columbus, Georgia 31901 (Telephone: 706-653-4225). As mentioned above, there is one major advantage in opting for an offline Muscogee County warrant search. The information you will be able to obtain at the sheriff office is much more comprehensive and updated than what you will find on the Internet.

Locating a detainee

To obtain information on Muscogee County arrests, refer to the inmate search on the sheriff's website (here). Type the detainee's name (first and second name) to obtain arrest data like booking date and charges.

How to access information on Georgia arrests – conducting a statewide inquiry

To find Georgia arrest records, we suggest using the online data bank of the GA Department of Corrections. It contains an advanced search to help you locate active and inactive inmates in prison facilities all over the state. To perform a criminal record check, utilize the computerized felon search operated by the GTA. Results come directly from the GBI and they show a person's criminal history (e.g. police records, outstanding warrants, prior arrests, etc.). This service will cost you $15.

Finding Muscogee County court records

The website of the county's Superior Court provides an online access to criminal dockets. They are arranged according to judges and are shown on PDF files. If you are interested in a broader search that will encompass records from other courts, you will have to physically visit the relevant courthouse and file a request to view its dockets. The following page displays all the county's courthouses with contact information.

Finding registered sex offenders

To locate people convicted of sex offenses, refer to the sex offender registry maintained by the GBI. You will be able to run your inquiry according to an offender's status (incarcerated/released), offenses, name, race, gender and most importantly – address.

How can this website assist your background check?

Another way to do a Muscogee County warrant search and view a person's incarceration history, while saving time and resources, is using Its name-based search will provide you with a comprehensive criminal history report in which you can track any record issued against a person. The data is updated regularly to promise precise results. Searches are all confidential with no exception.