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Database Update on February 23, 2024

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Whitfield County Arrest Records – Find a Person’s Incarceration and Criminal History

In the article that follows, we will show how to check a person's criminal background in Georgia while focusing on Whitfield County arrest records. The search process is not difficult as long as you know which sources to access.

Where to Look for Whitfield County arrest records

Your search should always start with an official source.  A good example of such a source is the inquiry tool provided by the sheriff. It allows you to look up offenders based on their name, primary charge, incarceration date, and/or booking agency.

How to find information on GA arrests

To carry out a state-wide criminal background check, just navigate to one of the two following databases:
  • Georgia felon search - This is an online offender inquiry tool which unfolds a person’s incarceration and criminal history in all of the state's counties.
  • The GDC offender query – This is a computerized inmate locator service which encompasses GA correctional facilities.

Searching for Whitfield County warrants

Georgia and Whitfield County arrest records only tell a part of the story.  Unsavory individuals might have simply eluded the law, with active warrants currently in place.  When doing a thorough criminal record check, do not skip this very important step of finding out whether the one you are checking is wanted by the police. Unfortunately, there is no online tool which shows Whitfield County warrants.  However, the information can still be found by contacting or visiting the local sheriff’s department (501 W. Waugh Street in Dalton, phone no. 706-278-1233) and running an offline investigation to obtain the data.

Looking for court records

Court dockets are good to review because they can reveal a lot about a person’s prosecution or conviction history. After logging in and accepting the disclaimer at the website of the county clerk, you should be able to look for Whitfield County court records based on party name, case number, or associated party. You can even create your own criteria for a more advanced inquiry.

Another effective inquiry tool presents criminal history reports of people you will decide to check. Fill in a person's name on the inquiry tool on the website and you will be able to see Whitfield County arrest records, outstanding warrants and dockets the court released. Criminal records issued in Georgia (and the entire U.S.) are also shown. All data are accurate and your anonymity is strictly kept. Fees for this service are low.