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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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Indiana Arrest Records and Warrants Indiana Arrest Records and Warrants There are multiple sources that can be used find Indiana arrest records. Some of these are governmental; others are private. The former provide limi
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Indiana Arrest Records and Warrants

There are multiple sources that can be used find Indiana arrest records. Some of these are governmental; others are private. The former provide limited information and require resorting to more than one source to get a fairly good picture of a person's criminal history. This article was written for the purpose of showing how to carry out a criminal record check in Indiana and how to find warrants and court dockets. Before we start, we should ask a basic question that may arise while reading the article: why would you want to carry out a background check on another person? The answer is straightforward. There are situations in which you may need to make sure the people with whom you work or socialize have a clean record. We can think of a couple of examples:
  • You want to hire a nanny for your children
  • You are looking for an employee for a sensitive position
  • You want to check on the new person your child has recently started dating
  • A new neighbor has just arrived in the neighborhood

How to perform an arrest search

The first source we suggest is Indiana State Police. They maintain a webpage where you can undertake a criminal records search and view a person's incarceration history. The problem with this inquiry tool is that it will ask you to fill in personal details on the person you are searching that you might not know (his / her telephone number and address – including street, city and even a zip code). What is more, this data bank reveals information only on serious offenses – felonies and Class A misdemeanors. The second option includes obtaining criminal history information offline by filling in a request form and sending it by mail to the following address: Indiana State Police, Criminal History Limited Check P.O.B. 6188 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6188 To download the request form, go here.  Both type of inquiries, offline and online, demand a fee.

Relying on the counties' resources

Another way to trace Indiana arrest records is to turn to the county's sheriff. Some of sheriff websites offer an electronic inmate search tool from which you can extract information on detainees on a local level. For example, you can find Marion County arrest records electronically here.

Using Indiana inmate locator to trace a person in the state's prison system

It is possible to locate the state's inmates by referring to the DOC's website. They offer a web-based search tool through which you can initiate an inquiry according to name or number. Results include the following:
  • offender's personal details (e.g. date of birth, race, gender)
  • booking date and future release date
  • the type of offense committed
  • on which county the offender was convicted
  • sentence date
  • the facility where the offender serves time

Guidelines for carrying out a warrant search

Unlike states such as Texas or Florida, there is no governmental online data bank that displays Indiana warrants. Therefore, garnering information on wanted people requires visiting the counties' sheriff offices. Every such office maintains criminal databases with names of suspects sought by the police. Some sheriff websites offer online searchable databases. For example, it is possible to trace Lake County warrants here.

Accessing records issued by the court

Indiana court records should be searched by turning to the clerk of courts of each county. Some clerks have an online search option on their website. There is also a governmental electronic case search tool that covers all of the state's courts. It displays civil, family and criminal cases. You can access it here.

Locating sex offenders

To find out if former sex felons reside in your area, we strongly suggest referring to the Indiana sex offender registry. This database shows all offenders in the area you choose by filling in a specific address. If you have children, being able to access this type of information is a must.

An additional source for a background check

As mentioned above, state's databases provide partial information. To get a full picture of a person's background, you will need to rely on private sources. offers a comprehensive search tool that provides detailed criminal history reports containing:
  • jail records
  • police records
  • active warrants
  • Convictions in court
Searchers benefit from accurate results and confidentiality.