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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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Marion County Warrant Search, IN – Conducting a Background Check

The information below will guide you through the process of conducting a Marion County warrant search and finding arrest records. Whether you are conducting a background check on a new neighbor or your next Tinder date, good research can prove essential to your safety.

How to find Marion County warrants

In order to determine if the individual you are researching is wanted by the police, you can run an offline search for Marion County warrants at the sheriff office (40 South Alabama Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204). They do not operate a computerized inquiry tool, so you will not be able to find information on the Internet. BackToTop

Performing an arrest search

Marion County arrest records are available online. You may search for a detainee using the  inmate directory referred to by the sheriff office. The system is very expansive and will also list released prisoners. The county's authorities  also provide a limited criminal history report for $10 that will include all cases that have been closed and cases that are still open but less than one year old. You will only be able to view information on arrests made within the county. To obtain a report, make a written request to: Citizens' Services Desk Suite E100, 50 North Alabama Street Indianapolis, IN 46204 (317) 327-3410 BackToTop

Initiating a statewide inquiry

You may search Indiana arrest records through the State's Department of Corrections website. Finally, the state police also maintain a database of individuals detained in the state's correctional facilities; however, it only includes records for felony and Class A misdemeanor charges. BackToTop

Obtaining Marion County court records

A search for the dockets kept by the court is integral to a criminal record check as they will reveal a person's prior convictions. Criminal files that are open or have been closed within the year may be found in the courtroom where the case was assigned. To search for a criminal record still located in the courtroom, you will have to know the case number. All cases held in Marion County have a number beginning with 49. Following the number 49, there is a letter and a two-digit number that tells you which room may have the file. Once you have the case number, visit the court directory listing to determine the name of the court and the contact information for the presiding judge or judicial officer. Court records for cases older than one year can be found in the Records Department and/or Microfilm Library located at: City-County Building 200 E. Washington Street #W-122 Indianapolis, IN 46204 The library is open 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. An online search using the Odyssey case management system may also show any active or pending court files. After clicking on the Party tab, you need to fill in the person’s first name, last name, and/or birth date. There is also a sound-alike feature that will search for similar names in case you do not spell the person’s name right in the search box. BackToTop

Finding registered sex offenders

An essential part of a criminal records search is tracing sex offenders. We recommend using the county's special registry to view names of people convicted of sex crimes in the past. BackToTop