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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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Simple Guidelines for finding Vanderburgh County Arrests Records and Warrants

For those wondering how to search for Vanderburgh County arrests records, warrants, and court dockets – this article shows you how to obtain this information using the resources available online and offline.

Where to Find Vanderburgh County Arrest Records

The Sherriff's Office allows the public to view the most recent bookings in your area on his website. Names of detainees are arranged in alphabetic order. Older Vanderburgh County arrest records can be obtained by using the sheriff's online inmate lookup tool. It shows names of people that populate the local detention center. By clicking on the inmate's mugshot, you will be able to see his or her race, gender, age, place of residence, booking time, charges and bond. For additional information (especially on previous years' detainees), you can directly contact the detention center at 812-421-6200.

Expanding your investigation to include Indiana arrest records

On a state-wide level, the Indiana Department of Corrections presents a computerized database that enables you to search for offenders by name or number. Moreover, the state police offer a limited criminal record check service. Please note that the information available is limited to felonies and Class A misdemeanors only.

How to conduct a warrant search

The sheriff also offers an online data bank which allows the public to find active Vanderburgh County warrants by searching either last name or offense type (misdemeanor, felony, writ). You will be able to see charges and bond information. All names appear in alphabetic order. For further details, call the Warrant Division at 812-421-6200.

Performing a case search

Vanderburgh County court records and dockets are also important sources of information. When an individual goes to court, if he or she is found guilty, the county and state create a conviction record which will be seen in every background check. The State of Indiana recently created a new online portal that allows the public to perform a criminal record check by case number, citation number, party name or business, or attorney name or number.

Locating Local Sex Offenders

The county operates a computerized registry through which you can search for sex offenders in your area by name, address, city, non-compliance, internet names, email address and phone number.