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Kentucky Arrest Records and Warrant Search Kentucky Arrest Records and Warrant Search A proper background check should include Kentucky arrest records since they reveal a person's incarceration history. There are two additional legal
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Kentucky Arrest Records and Warrant Search

A proper background check should include Kentucky arrest records since they reveal a person's incarceration history. There are two additional legal documents you may want to obtain to find out whether the one you are checking has ever had issues with the law: arrest warrants and court records. The former can tell you whether a person is wanted by the police; the latter will give you an indication of whether that person has ever been convicted of a crime and thus has a criminal record.

The difficulty in conducting a Kentucky Criminal record check

There are two primary sources for carrying out a criminal background search on a state level.
  • The first source includes the Kentucky State police. Their website contains request forms a searcher should submit in order to obtain copies of criminal records. Each form covers a specific area, e.g. employment, adoption, minors, immigration, etc. The main problem is that only authorized state and law enforcement agencies and not the general public can gain access to the records.
  • The second source is the Kentucky Court of Justice. They are more willing to share information with the public compared to the state police. They offer two ways to obtain information. You can file an in-person request by visiting the Administrative Office of the Courts located at 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort. They also operate the OAC FastCheck which is an online service you can use to order criminal background reports.

The disadvantages of the Court's background check services

If you consider using the court services to garner information on a person's criminal history, you have to take into account three noticeable disadvantages:
  • As their website explicitly says, their databases do not contain information on KY arrests. You will only be able to find court dockets and other related details on court activity.
  • Using the OAC FastCheck requires a cumbersome registration process in which you will be obligated to provide a valid address and a phone number. What is more, you will need to provide details on the person you are checking that you may not know, such as his / her date of birth and address.
  • The service is not cheap; it costs $20 per individual search.

A simpler way to find Kentucky arrest records

To save you time while providing you with all the information you may require regarding a person's criminal past, puts at your disposal a highly effective, accurate and updated searchable database. You do not need more than the subject's name to get detailed reports containing the following:
  • Jail records
  • Kentucky warrants
  • Court records unfolding a person's history of convictions
  • Civil records
The information comes from comprehensive governmental and public data banks containing millions of records. Searchers' confidentiality is 100% observed and maintained.

How to conduct a Kentucky inmate search

The state's Department of Corrections operates an inmate locator on its website. Results display prison records of different types related to current inmates and community supervision offenders (e.g. pretrial detainees and offenders on probation). You can search by name or by photo. Most important, the data show an inmate's exact location within the state's correctional system.

Finding sex offenders

If you suspect a sex offender is residing in your neighborhood, it will be best to refer to KY sex offender registry (it can be found here). You can conduct your inquiry based on the offender's name or email. It also enables you to fill in an address. Results will tell you if indeed you are living in proximity to a person convicted of a sex offense.