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Database Update on May 23, 2024

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How to Inquire about Campbell County Arrest Records and Warrants

Having the most updated and accurate information pertaining to Campbell County arrest records is essential for running a proper background check.  The lines below will explain how to carry out this check on a local and state level involving the use of official sources.

Searching for Campbell County Arrest Records

In order to accurately trace Campbell County jail records, it is vital that you search in the right direction.  We suggest using online inquiry tool managed by the local detention center.  There you should be able to search for the county's current detainees by name. This database also includes mugshots.

Searching for KY Arrests

If you are interested in a more comprehensive investigation, use the online offender search tool maintained by the Kentucky Department of Corrections. It provides you with the ability to look up inmates throughout the state by name or aliases. The database unfolds the inmate's complete incarceration history including the facility he or she populates, conviction information and DOC number.

Is the Person You Are Checking Wanted By the Police?

If you suspect someone of being involved in a criminal activity regardless of whether that person spent time in jail or not, you should look for Campbell County warrants as they can tell you whether anyone you know is wanted by the police. Unfortunately, there is no online tool which displays these warrants Luckily, there is still a way to get the information you need. The local sheriff’s office must be contacted for an offline criminal inquiry. The office is located at 1098 Monmouth Street in Newport and can be reached by phone at (859) 292-3833.  Visitors may also make contact via email at

Finding Campbell County Court Records

The County's court records can be extracted from the official online search tool that is directly linked to the Kentucky Court of Justice. The problem is that it shows only pending cases. What we suggest is referring to Administrative Office of the state's courts and asking for criminal reports. Requests can be made in person, by mail or online via the AOCFastCheck. You can find more explanations and guidelines here. Please note that there is a nominal fee associated with a request for court dockets.

Tracing Sex Offenders

When a thorough criminal record check is needed to determine if someone is a registered sex offender, the best online search tool is the one offered by the state. You can look up an offender by their name or address.  There is even a convenient neighborhood map that allows you to monitor the safety of your home.

Use our Updated Databases enables its users to perform a thorough background check on any person in Kentucky and any other U.S. state. All you need is the subject's name and you will get access to his full criminal history that consists of Campbell County arrest records, outstanding warrants, court dockets and additional criminal state records. Searchers also get to see civil dockets related to the subject's background - in short, all that you need to get to know the person you inquire about. The data is constantly updated to ensure accuracy. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed. Fees for our service are cheaper than other similar databases.