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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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Kenton County Arrests, KY Kenton County Arrests, KY In This Article 
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Kenton County Arrests, KY – Conducting a Criminal Record Check

Kenton County arrests can be found through a variety of resources – both over the phone, and in person at the sheriff's office. Whether you’re looking to conduct a criminal record check for business or social purposes, this article will assist you in figuring out everything from an individual’s court records to their incarceration history.

Getting Information on Kenton County Arrests

Kenton County Arrest records will indicate if and when a person has been jailed by local police forces and the charges that have led to the detention. To view these records, you may submit a formal inquiry on the website run by the county police. Additionally, the county detention center provides a list of current inmates. All names appear in alphabetic order and include a booking date. If you would like to search statewide, KY arrests can be found online using the computerized offender search provided by the Kentucky Department of Corrections

Finding Kenton County Warrants

Warrants serve as legal documents authorized by the court. They allow the police to detain a potential suspect. Kenton County warrants cannot be obtained online, so your search can take place in person at the Sheriff's office, at 5272 Madison Pike Independence, KY. 41051. To call ahead for any questions or concerns, you may contact the office at (859) 392-1882.

Accessing Court Records

An individual’s court docket, or court record, will show each time he / she has been trialed in court. Keep in mind that the mere possession of a court record will not prove guilt. A person may be trialed and found innocent. Kenton County’s court records can be found through this official online tool. It allows the user to search the online database of the District and Circuit Courts.  If you intend to search for records within the entire state of Kentucky, this website will help you submit a request online.

How to Perform a Sex Offender Search

You may conduct a search for sex offenders throughout the  registry run by the State Police. This inquiry tool will allow you to search both specific individuals, or geographically by neighborhoods.