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Database Update on January 27, 2023

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Warren County Arrest Records and Warrants – Background Check Tips

It’s not difficult to find Warren County arrest records if you search in the right places. Prepare yourself with a reliable internet connection. Then find the name of the person for whom you’re searching. This article will show you exactly where and how to conduct your inquiry.

Getting Information on Warren County Arrest Records

All data on recent Warren County arrests should come directly from the holding agency or court. Run your inquiry by using the following website:

Where to look for KY Arrests

Inmates being held in a jail outside of Warren County can be searched by using a statewide database. We recommend the following source:
  • The state's Online Offender Lookup (KOOL): This website is owned and operated by the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Data on inmates can be obtained by using the inquiry tool. Visitors can also read legal definitions, view current sentencing options, and check the likelihood of offender re-incarceration.

How to Find Warren County Court Records

KY court dockets show a person’s full conviction and prosecution history. You can find records with the most reliable information from the following official source:
  • Kentucky Court of Justice: This online database allows users to quickly obtain district and circuit court dockets in all of the 120 state's counties, including Warren County.
  Keep in mind that court dockets do not show arrest or driving records. Also, a copy will cost you a nominal fee of $20.00 whether requested in writing or in person.

Conducting a Warrant Search

All Warren County Warrants go through the sheriff’s office and are listed on their online database.  One of the primary functions of the Record Section therein is to chronicle all law enforcement activity, and to process and maintain all arrest orders that are issued by the court.

A Statewide Sex Offender Search

A comprehensive citizen background check requires dependable information. The Kentucky State Police Sex Offender Registry is the best place to go. Here, you will find data pertaining to any and all sex offenders in the state - searchable by offender number, name, offender email, physical address, or zip code.