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Database Update on May 23, 2024

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How to Find NY, Kings County Arrest Records How to Find NY, Kings County Arrest Records In This Article 
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How to Find Kings County Arrest Records – Accessing Criminal Background Information

Kings County arrest records will tell you whether a person has ever been apprehended by the police, and so they are needed for a background check. The paragraphs below will show readers how to find them in addition to other legal documents, such as court records.

Accessing NYC arrest records

The Criminal Records Section of the NYPD is not open to the general public, and they cannot be used to find information on arrests made in Brooklyn. Instead you can use the online lookup tool managed by the city's department of correction to garner information on NYC inmates. By typing a name, you will see incarceration date and number, release date, NYSID and most importantly, the facility where the detainee was held. To broaden your investigation to the entire state, we recommend referring to the Inmate Population Information Search operated by the state's Department of Corrections. This electronic database provides information on New York inmates that housed the state's prison facilities since the 1970s. Juvenile offenders are not included in this database.

Finding Kings County court records

The NY Unified Court System operates a WebCriminal online system, which allows a limited search for court record by county. It is limited because it shows mainly cases with future appearance dates.

Another source for conducting a criminal record check

As you have seen by now, Kings County does not offer sufficient means for a background check. Therefore we strongly recommend the online inquiry tool provided by It will allow you to perform a thorough criminal history search in the entire State of New York. All you need to do is to type a person's name and you will get access to detailed reports that include warrants issues against him or her, arrest records and court records. It will tell you if the subject of your search has ever been wanted by the police, convicted of a crime or spent time in jail. All inquiries are 100% confidential. Results are accurate and up to date. Prices are affordable.