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North Carolina Arrest Records and Warrant Search North Carolina Arrest Records and Warrant Search North Carolina arrest records and additional legal documents essential for tracing a person's criminal history, such as arrest warrants and court do
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North Carolina Arrest Records and Warrant Search

North Carolina arrest records and additional legal documents essential for tracing a person's criminal history, such as arrest warrants and court docket, are not difficult to locate. You just need to know where to conduct your inquiry. The articles on this page and on this website were written to provide you with instructions so as to assist you in performing criminal record check.

Start with tracing North Carolina arrest records

Arrest records are issued once a person is incarcerated by any law enforcement authority, and as such they incorporate information that encompasses the detainee's personal details and physical description (Some records contain a mugshot), charges filed against him or her, booking and release date and bond information. Unless expunged, arrest records remain indefinitely open to public view under The North Carolina Public Records Law. If you are seeking an online tool through which you can trace NC arrest records, you should refer to the portal of the state's Department of Public Safety. It offers multiple inquiry options that comprise the following:
  • An NC inmate search which allows you to view active and inactive inmates (that is, present and past jail records). It also displays parolees and people who are on probation.
  • Updated data on escapes and captures
  • Details on Absconders
  • Information on releases
The data is arranged according to county and date. If you conduct an inmate lookup, the defendant's name will suffice to initiate the inquiry.

Conducting a North Carolina warrant search

NC warrants are a little more complicated to trace. There is statewide repository, called NCWARE, which contains abundant data on criminal processes, including outstanding warrants and arrest orders. However it is only available to law enforcement officers and court officials. If you are not a police officer, the best option available to you to track down North Carolina warrants is to concentrate your inquiry on a county level. The sheriff websites of larger counties have searchable databases presenting warrant information. For instance, you can locate Mecklenburg County warrants on this webpage. You can also conduct an inmate inquiry and search for the county's jail records here. In case the sheriff does not offer an online search option, you ought to arrive at their office in person and conduct your inquiry offline.

How to find a person's history of convictions

Arrest records do not include a person's convictions in court. North Carolina court records, on the other hand, do show this kind of information. To obtain them, we advise contacting the criminal division of each county's clerk of court. In most cases, searchers will be required to submit a request to view public records. The authorities must provide copies of the requested record within a reasonable time. Each county charges its own fees. Uncertified copies are usually cheaper than copies with an official stamp or copies that demand extensive search. It is important to mention that a person is not obligated to come up with reasons for his request. In addition, there is no obligation by law to file a written request. For further reading on this FOIA process, we suggest referring to this guide published by the state's Attorney General.

Carrying out an NC sex offender search

Parents will be interested in knowing whether a person with a history of sex offenses lives in their area. The best way to locate these criminally dangerous offenders is to utilize the state's sex offender registry which can be accessed at this web address. It enables you to locate an offender by address, name and even by latitude and longitude.


Reality today often leaves us with no choice but to carry out a background check on those with whom we regularly come into contact. Why not using the means you have to make sure a new employee, your kids' nanny, your roommate or the guy you have just started dating do not have a criminal record? It is always recommended locating people that may endanger you or your family so you can distance yourself from them.