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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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How to Search for Buncombe County Arrest Records How to Search for Buncombe County Arrest Records In This Article 
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How to Search for Buncombe County Arrest Records

Today, it is becoming much easier to carry out a criminal records search thanks to the availability of information. This article will focus on Buncombe County arrest records as well as warrants and court dockets explaining how to use public and private databases for a background check. The website managed by the sheriff contains an online inmate inquiry page where you can view names of people incarcerated during the last couple of month. If you wish to initiate a full North Carolina inmate search, use the offender public information tool on the official website of the state's Department of Public Safety. It displays present and past prison records. Because there are no online databases that present Buncombe County warrants, your inquiry will have to be performed at the sheriff office at 60 Court Plaza, 4th Floor, Asheville, NC 28801. Turn specifically to the Public Information Officer and make a public information request. Every resident in the county can make such a request. It may take up to 3 business day to get results.

Finding a person's prior convictions

To learn whether a certain person has formerly been convicted in court, you need to obtain Buncombe County court records. That can be done by turning to the clerk of court. One of their duties includes processing and keeping documents issued by the court. A request to view public records must be filed by visiting their office at 60 Court Plaza, Asheville, NC 28801 (phone number: 828-259-3400).

How to locate sex offenders

To find out if a person who has been found guilty of a sex crime resides in your vicinity, turn to NC sex offender registry. You can search according to the subject's name or address. The use of the registry is unlimited and it does not require any payment.

This website's search tool

You have the option of finding all the information you are seeking using the search tool offered by this website. By filling in a person name, you will get a report containing his or her criminal history. Data are derived from large private and public sources and they include:
  • Jail records
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Civil and criminal court dockets
  • A variety of civil records that shed light on a person's background
All the information you will obtain is accurate and up-to-date. Searchers enjoy full confidentiality.