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Cabarrus County Arrest Records and Warrants, North Carolina

Are you interested in learning about how to do a background check? The following article will explain how to find Cabarrus County arrest records and warrants. You will also be shown how to perform statewide criminal records search.

Tracking Cabarrus County arrests

In order to locate an inmate, use the online inquiry tool on the sheriff's website. It displays the names of individuals who have been held in the county jail at any time during the past two years (including current inmates).  For more detailed information, contact the jail directly at 704-920-3058.

Carrying out a statewide search for NC arrests

It is possible to locate an inmate in all of the state's counties by using the online Offender Public Information managed by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. This governmental data bank exhibits current and past inmates and parolees.

Tracing Cabarrus Country warrants

Once again, you will find the sheriff's website to be very helpful. It contains a detailed list of the county's wanted persons. Each name that appears in the list includes information on charges, warrant type and personal details (age, gender, race and address). If you have any questions, call the sheriff office at 704-920-3000.

Carrying out a case search

Copies of Cabarrus County court records can be requested from the district Clerk of Court. You will have to submit a formal FOIA request. To learn more about this procedure, consult the e-book published by the North Carolina Attorney General.

Finding registered sex offenders

Use the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry to find registered sex offenders in your area or to track a particular offender. This is a very simple inquiry and it is free of charge. We strongly recommend conducting it if you have any doubts about the people you interact or associate with on a regular basis. You can never truly know people, so it's better to be safe than sorry.