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How to Search for Cumberland County Arrest Records How to Search for Cumberland County Arrest Records
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How to Search for Cumberland County Arrest Records

The need to find Cumberland County arrest records may arise sooner than you may think. Your daughter started going out with a new guy; you are about to hire a person for an important position; your wife is looking for a babysitter for your children. These are good examples of why you may need to initiate a criminal record check. Read this article, and learn how to do such a check.

The sheriff's website has an inmate search tool that will help you locate Cumberland County arrest records. The information that is revealed consists of the detainee's mugshot, booking ID, arrest and release date, bond information and description of charges. If you are looking for the state's prison records, we recommend the online offender search managed by the DPS. This searchable database allows users to trace current and past inmates in the state's prison system.

Cumberland County warrants are stored and processed by the sheriff office and this is where you should go to find out if a certain person is wanted by the county's legal authorities. The sheriff can be found at 131 Dick St. Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301. Telephone number: 910-323-1500. The sheriff's stuff is interested in sharing this kind of information with the county's residents as a means of obtaining some information that may lead them to trace suspects and take them into custody.

Finding copies of criminal court dockets

Copies of Cumberland County court records should be sought at the office of the clerk of court. You will be demanded to file a request to view public records. This formal procedure is explained in detailed here. The whole process may, at first, seem to involve too much red tape, but it is necessary to trace a person's prior convictions in court.

Discovering the location of sex offenders

NC sex offender registry is available to the public free of charge. You can get to it by following  this link. Once you are there, you can initiate your inquiry and check whether an offender resides in your area (the first search option is based on address).

A recommended inquiry tool

This website puts at your disposal an effective inquiry tool. It delivers criminal history reports on people living in North Carolina and the entire United States. These reports include jail records, arrest warrants, court cases and civil data. They are highly informative, accurate and up-to-date. All searches are kept confidential.