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How to Search for Gaston County Arrest Records How to Search for Gaston County Arrest Records In This Article 
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How to Search for Gaston County Arrest Records

The good news is that Gaston County arrest records can be viewed online. That may save you plenty of time in comparison to an offline inquiry. In addition, there is also a statewide computerized inquiry tool through which you can try to locate a people not only in the county jail but in the state's prisons as well. This articles presents all these search options to make it easier for you to trace a person's criminal history. The website managed by the sheriff offers an electronic inmate database which searchers can utilize to locate a detainee by name, booking number or booking date. There is another option for an arrest search. Contact the county's detention center to inquire about current and past jail records. Their phone number is 704-869-6869. Their address is 425 N Marietta St, Gastonia, NC 2805.

An NC inmate search

Those who wish to locate a person in the state's prison facilities should refer to the electronic offender search managed by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. It shows current inmates and offenders who have served time in one of the state's prisons. You can also see people who are on probation / parole. To run a Gaston County warrant search, the Sheriff Department should be contacted. They process and store all active and outstanding warrants issued by the county's court. Unfortunately there are no electronic databases that exhibit names of wanted people, so inquiries must be performed offline by visiting the sheriff office at 325 N Marietta St. Gastonia, North Carolina 28052. Their telephone number is 704-869-6800. Information on Gaston County warrants is usually available to the public unless the case in hand involves juveniles or an ongoing sensitive police investigation.

Searching for criminal records

Gaston County court records display a person's history of convictions. To acquire them you should arrive at the office of the clerk of court (325 N Marietta St #1004, Gastonia, NC 28052. Phone: 704-852-3111) and submit a formal request for a criminal background check. You will need to fill in a form coded as AOC-CR-314 (It can be downloaded here). This service costs 25 dollars.

Carrying out a North Carolina sex offender search

If you want to locate people with a history of sex violence – especially if you wish to know whether they live in your neighborhood – your best option is to turn to the NC sex offender registry. This is a governmental data bank that contains names and addresses of those charged with sexual assaults. Everyone can use it and there are no fees included.

A much simpler search option

As you have probably understood after reading this article, conducting a criminal records search is time consuming since it requires turning to multiple sources. Searchers who are interested in garnering the necessary information while relying on one comprehensive source are advised to utilize the search tool offered by this website. By typing the subject's name, you will obtain his / her full criminal history report. The data are reliable and are constantly updated. Confidentiality is promised. Fees are low making the service affordable to everyone.