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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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How to find NC, Onslow County Arrests and Warrants

No matter your motive, conducting a search for Onslow County arrests or warrants is made easy by the variety of sources provided by both the state and county authorities. Generally speaking, a background check is usually performed for a variety of reasons, personal or professional. This article will direct you to the sources you should use to trace a person's criminal history.

How to search Onslow County Arrest Records

Arrest records are official documents that list any time an individual has spent in jail. It should be borne in mind that while an individual’s records reveal the offense he / she was charged with, they cannot be held as evidence of guilt since they will not tell you if the charges led to a conviction. Onslow County arrest records can be found through the Sheriff’s department. Contact them via phone at (910) 347-4717 and ask for information on a specific detainee. If you wish your investigation to cover the entire state, NC arrest records can be found through this online tool which allows you to locate active and inactive inmates by name.  It also shows parolees. The data is processed and stored by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Performing a warrant search

Outstanding warrants are official court documents that authorize the arrest of an individual. These documents do not expire, and while they are based on evidence that indicates the possibility of guilt, they do not contain any trace of conviction. Information on Onslow County warrants can be obtained through the magistrates office. Their phone number is (910) 478-3619. You may contact them to begin your inquiry.

Obtaining Onslow County Court Dockets

Court dockets, or records, will help you discern any amount of time an individual has spent in court. The dockets will tell you what days the hearing took place, along with details of charges. A criminal record check must be conducted through the Clerk of the Superior Court. You must submit a formal FOIA request in order to view these documents. Thorough information can be found on the website, or through calling the Clerk’s office at (910) 478-3600.

North Carolina Sex Offender Registry

The state's Department of Public Safety has created this online tool for searching the state’s public sex offender registry. You may base your investigation on the name of an individual or on certain neighborhoods. This website will allow you to run a nationwide check as well.