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How to Search for Wake County Arrest records How to Search for Wake County Arrest records
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Search for Wake County Arrest records, NC,

Those interested in finding Wake County arrest records might be discouraged by the fact that there are very few online sources from which they can extract information. However, that does not mean that obtaining criminal background information is impossible. This article will attempt to show the most efficient sources you could use to run a criminal records check on people living in the county.

Conducting an arrest inquiry

The obvious source to begin your arrest search is the county’s main detention center located at 3301 Hammond Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27610. Their phone number is 919-773-7930. They will certainly be able to provide information on current detainees. Their archives may also reveal older jail records. You may attempt to trace Wake County arrest records by expanding your search and referring to statewide sources. One such source is the offender search provided by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. It enables you to locate past and current (active) inmates. It is also possible to locate absconders or to focus your inquiry on released inmates or parolees. The search mechanism is simple and is carried out based on a person’s name while you can add additional criteria for more precise results (such as gender, race, age range, etc.)

Carrying out a warrant search

Information on Wake County warrants can be extracted by referring to the sheriff’s criminal archives. Of course, you will need to pay a visit to their office (330 S. Salisbury St. Raleigh, NC 27602. Ph: 919-856-6900. You can email them here) where you can get updates on the county’s wanted persons.

Obtaining court documents

If you wish to know whether a person has a history of convictions, you ought to obtain Wake County court records. The best way to do it is to refer to the clerk of court who is responsible for storing misdemeanor dockets and felony dockets issued by the District Court and the Superior Court respectively. Visit the clerk’s office at 316 Fayetteville St, Raleigh, NC 27601 (telephone number: 919-792-4000) and make a request to view public records. For more details, we recommend that you refer to the following sources:

  • Go to this link to learn how to obtain a criminal record.
  • Read this electronic book issued by North Carolina Attorney General to learn how to ask for governmental records.

Finding registered sex offenders

The moment a person becomes a parent, one of the things that concerns him or her most is the safety of their kids when it comes to sexual assaults. The NC sex offender registry (which can be accessed here) contains information about the whereabouts of the state’s convicted sex felons, so it is highly recommended using it.

Use a comprehensive online criminal background check tool

This website contains an electronic inquiry tool that presents elaborate reports containing a person’s complete criminal history (including Wake County arrest records and warrants). The data is organized coherently and is highly accurate. It encompasses the entire state. The search process is fast, efficient and confidential. Prices are affordable.