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Database Update on February 23, 2024

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How to Access Information on Blount County Arrests Records

Information on Blount County arrests records can easily be obtained online. Warrants issued by the court are also available to the public. You just need to know where to search.

Locating present and former inmates

Blount County arrests records are presented on the sheriff's website. You will be able to see bookings from recent months. The search is alphabetic. Each detainee's file includes a mugshot, offense description, intake date, court dates and visitation rights. Those interested in older jail records, should contact the county jail at 865-273-5245. The facility is located at 920 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville, Tennessee 37804. If you are looking for details on inmates all over the state, you should opt for a more comprehensive Tennessee arrest records search using the online database maintained by the TN Department of Corrections. It presents the facility the inmate was or is still held.

Finding Blount County warrants

The sheriff's website also presents an alphabetic list of the county's active warrants. Each file contains the offense or misdemeanor the suspect was charged with as well as a case number. There is also a phone number if you are interested in further information: 865-273-5002.

Conducting a criminal record check on a state level

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation performs criminal background checks for the general public. They have an online database where you can inquire about any person living in the state. Alternatively, you may ask for copies of criminal records on mail. For each reports, they charge $29. You may visit their website to learn more.

Searching for Blount County court records

There is one central official website managed by the clerk of court where you can find short information on cases from the county's different court houses. All cases are recent. For more detailed and older dockets, you ought to turn directly to the relevant court: Circuit Court: 865-273-5400 General Sessions: 865-273-5450 General Sessions Civil: 865-273-5430 Juvenile Court:865-273-5935 You will have to file a FOIA request and pay a fee in order to view public records.

How to locate sex offenders

The state manages a registry that contains details on released sex offenders. You can conduct an inquiry and locate a specific felon by name or address.

Using this website's databank offers its readers a search tool where they can get full criminal history report on any person living in Tennessee (ad the entire nation). All that is required of you to get this report is to type a full name of the individual being searched. Among other details, you will be able to see Blount County arrests records and outstanding warrants and civil and criminal court dockets. The data is constantly updated. Searchers' anonymity is guaranteed. Prices are affordable making it a non-expensive search option.