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Has a person with whom you work or socialize ever been incarcerated? Rutherford County arrest records can answer this question. The lines below will show you how to trace them and other related documents needed for a criminal record check. These documents consist of warrants and court dockets.

How to find Rutherford County arrest records

The sheriff office is where you have to go to find information on the county's arrestees. Their address is 940 New Salem Road, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. You can reach them by phone at 615-898-7877. For your information, arrest records usually contain the following: a detainee's mugshot and personal details (including race and gender), booking and release date and a description of the offense he / she committed. Some files contain also a warrant number and future court dates.

Conducting a warrant search

The sheriff office is also the best source for tracing Rutherford County warrants. You will have to pay them a visit and request information on wanted people and fugitives. Unless juveniles are involved, this information is given freely.

How to obtain court records

There are basically two main sources from which you can obtain official court dockets:
  • The Circuit Criminal Court deals with misdemeanor and felony offenses that were presented to a  Grand Jury. It is located 20 Public Square North. Judicial Building, Room 108. Murfreesboro, TN 37130. Phone number: 615-898-7812.
  • The General Session Criminal Court is in charge of traffic violations and misdemeanor offenses. You can find it at Judicial Building- Room 101. 20 North Public Square. Murfreesboro, TN 37130. Phone number: 615-898-7831.
You will have to pay them a visit and file a FOIA request to gain access to Rutherford County court records and other public files.

Conducting an online background check

If you insist on carrying out your investigation on the Internet, there are three recommended databases you should consider using:
  • The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation provides criminal history reports you can obtain either by sending them a request via mail or you can use their computerized search tool.
As their website claim, you will be able to view Tennessee arrest records only. You will not gain access to information related to other states. In addition, each report will cost you $29.
  • The TN Department of Correction enables you to perform an offender search that will show current and past inmates in the state's prisons.
Lastly, if you are looking for registered sex offenders, refer to the state's official registry. You will be able to locate them by typing a name or an address.