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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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How You Can Search for Sumner County Arrest Records

Sumner County arrest records disclose data on arrests carried out by the police or any other law enforcement agency. Unlike court records, they do not indicate guilt. In other words, a person can be taken into custody and then released while remaining completely innocent. Only a legal process that involves a trial establishes guilt.

Tracing a person's incarceration history

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find an online roster that displays Sumner County arrest records. You will need to contact the jail's booking desk (615-442-1899) and Records Unit (615-442-1829) to garner information on specific current and past inmates. You may choose to take your arrest search to the next level and look for information on the state's data banks. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation will perform a statewide criminal background check for you for a fee of 29 dollars. This check can be conducted in two ways: You can ask for the information via mail. To download an official request form and for contact details, go here. Alternatively, you can carry out an online inquiry using their computerized archive. The TN Department of Corrections enables users to perform an offender search on their website. It shows people currently incarcerated in the state's prisons as well as former inmates.

Carrying out a warrant search

To inquire about Sumner County warrants, we suggest referring to the sheriff's Warrant Division. Their Criminal Unit can be reached at 615-442-1844. They will be willing to give you details on the county's wanted people and so you can check if the person you are searching is among them.

Obtaining copies of Sumner County court records

The Tennessee Public Records Act gives you the right to inspect governmental files. You will have to turn to the county's Law Director and file a public records request. For further details, dial 615-451-6060. In addition, you can turn to the clerk of the relevant court and ask for information on specific cases. This page displays the contact details of all the county clerks. You can perform an online search for dockets issued by the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court using the online Public Case History managed by the state. To save time, we recommend referring to the search service provided It displays updated criminal history reports on any person living in Tennessee (and other states). The information you will get consists of jail records, warrants, police records, court dockets and more. All searches are anonymous. Prices are affordable.

Finding sex offenders

TN sex offender registry will assist you in tracking convicted sex felons according to name or address. You will, therefore, be able to know if they live in your neighborhood, near your work or your kids' school.