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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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Loudoun County Arrest Records Loudoun County Arrest Records
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Finding VA, Loudoun County Arrest Records – Conducting a Criminal Background Check

This article will present the process of tracing Loudoun County arrest records, court records and warrants in order to help readers perform a criminal background check either on themselves or on other people. The obvious place to garner information on inmates is the county jail. They do not operate any electronic database, so they have to be contacted directly. Their phone number is 703-777-0405 and their physical address is 42035 Loudoun Center Pl.Leesburg, VA 20175. They will be willing to tell you if a person is currently incarcerated. As to former inmates, you will have to come up with a good reason for seeking this information. To trace Virginia arrest records – if you are interested in expanding the scope of your investigation – we recommend using the electronic database of the state's Department of Corrections. This database allows you to perform an offender search and locate inmates that currently populate prisons all over the state.

Finding Loudoun County court records

Court records will give you an indication as to whether the person you are checking has ever been convicted of an offense (in comparison, arrest records will only tell if that person was incarcerated and not whether he was trialed and convicted). Loudoun County court records can be obtained electronically. We strongly advise referring to the online case information system maintained by the General District Court. This online data bank allows you to search for misdemeanor cases all over VA counties. The Circuit Court also provides an electronic case search tool through which users can find felony records. You can choose a county and run your inquiry based on three fields: name, case number and hearing date. Lastly, you can locate released and jailed sex felons on the state's sex offender registry. It enables you to search by name or address. Loudoun County warrants can be viewed at the sheriff office. You will have to visit them during working hours and ask whether the subject of your inquiry is wanted for a crime. Their address is at 803 Sycolin Road. SE. Leesburg, VA 20175. Ph: 703-777-0407.