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How to Search for Lake County Arrests and Warrants, IL

If you are thinking about running a search for Lake County arrests so as to trace a person's criminal background, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of online and offline sources from which you can get the information you need. The article below will present these sources and explain how to use them.

How to find Lake County arrest records

The sheriff operates an electronic inmate locator on his website. To get results, you are required to enter the name of the person you are checking, a booking number or a booking date. You may also choose to contact the Corrections Division by dialing 847-377-4150. To broaden your investigation in order to obtain Illinois arrest records, you ought to turn to more extensive databases. The IL Department of Corrections maintains a computerized offender search which can be used to locate inmates all over the state by name, IDOC number, or birthdate.

Locating Lake County Warrants

Turn to the sheriff office (25 S Martin Luther King Jr Ave. Waukegan, Illinois 60085, phone numbers: 847-377-4000 / 847-549-5200) to check whether a person is wanted by the police. The sheriff also displays a list of the county's active warrants on a PDF file. It includes the suspect's personal details, docket number and the type of crime that has been perpetrated. It is important that you know that Lake County warrants are not an indication of guilt and therefore should not be confused with criminal records. People can be wanted for a crime and then turn out to be innocent. An orderly legal process that includes a trial is needed to determine that a person has indeed committed an offense.

Carrying out a criminal record check

The Uniform Conviction Information Act (1991) makes criminal conviction dockets public records. Accordingly, the State Police reveal background reports which can be seen on their CHIRP web portal. However, before accessing the portal you will have to get a digital ID from the state's authorities. For more details, go to

How to obtain Lake County court records

We strongly suggest using the public access system of the Clerk of Court. It provides an online access to civil and criminal court records issued by the 19th Judicial Circuit Court. These online dockets will make it possible to track down cases that ended in a conviction, and thus find out if the person you are checking has ever been trialed and / or found guilty of a crime.

Performing a sex offender search

The State Police maintain a registry that contains names of people convicted of sex crimes. You can locate these offenders by their names, address, status, and type of offense.