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Database Update on December 02, 2023

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How to Search for Cherokee County Arrest Records and Warrants

Using the right sources makes it quite easy to find Cherokee County arrest records, acquire information on warrants and obtain official copies of court records. The following article will unfold these sources so as to assist you in conducting a thorough criminal records search.

Where can you find jail records?

To acquire information on Cherokee County arrests, we recommend that you contact the local detention center. Their phone number is 678-493-4200. There is another alternative available to you. You can file an open records request in which you ask to inspect incarceration reports and criminal background information related to you or to another person. Requests must be sent in writing to the Open Records Officer at the sheriff office. For further instructions, dial 678-493-4172 or send them an email: Take into account that Cherokee County arrest records convey information only on local inmates. If you want to view a person’s incarceration history all across the state, use the inquiry tool you will find on the official website of Georgia Department of Corrections.

How to find Cherokee County warrants

The natural place to start a warrant search is the sheriff office. Unfortunately, the county does not maintain an electronic database available to the public. For this reason, you will have to carry out your research by visiting the sheriff’s Warrant Division. You can set an appointment in advance by calling them at 678-493-4251. It is important that you know that in Georgia (and in the United States), once an arrest order has been issued against you by the court, it remains in force until you are captured or turn yourself in. Cherokee County warrants are not different in that sense. They stay valid indefinitely.

Searching for court dockets

Any criminal record check that will reveal a person’s history of prosecutions and convictions must include copies of Cherokee County court records. The Clerk of Courts maintains online searchable databases for a criminal case search. You will be able to view electronic copies of dockets coming from the Superior Court and State Court. Each record contains the following: the defendant’s name, case number, the judge’s name and the status of the case. Information on charges and sentencing is also included. For further details, you should refer to the Clerk’s Criminal Division (678-493-6505) or Civil Division (678-493-6501).

Conducting a sex offender search

The sheriff’s website directs you to a county registry where you can trace sex offenders in your area according to their home or work address. It is a simple search and it is recommended to anyone who has kids and who is interested in keeping them safe.