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How to Search for Cobb County Arrest Records How to Search for Cobb County Arrest Records
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Learn How to Find Cobb County Arrest Records

You might find it surprising, but obtaining Cobb County arrest records in addition to warrants and court records is quite easy. All you need is a computer or a cellular device and a connection to the Internet.

Inquiring about a person’s incarceration history

The website managed by the sheriff office contains an inmate search tool. With this tool searchers can see who is in custody at the county jail at present. Previous bookings are also shown.

Carrying out a criminal record check through the County Jail

In addition, you may visit the county jail in person (1825 County Services Parkway, Marietta, Georgia 30008. Phone: 770-499-4230) and ask to view copies of Cobb County arrest records. It is also possible to do a statewide check. This service comes with a fee:

  • Local check – $0.25 per page
  • Statewide –$15

How to run a Georgia arrest search

Users who want to undertake an inquiry in the entire state are advised to visit the website powered by the GA Department of Corrections. It contains an offender database through which you can locate an inmate in the state’s prisons. Past inmates are displayed as well.

Undertaking a Cobb County warrant search

The sheriff office maintains archives that encompass all of Cobb County warrants. They can be accessed by visiting them (185 Roswell St. Marietta, GA 30090 at working hours). There is a direct phone number you can dial to get warrant information: 770-499-4697.

Two more useful sources

We would like to recommend the computerized felon search offered by the Georgia Technology Authority. It reveals a person’s criminal history all over the state. Moreover this website offers a highly efficient and comprehensive background check tool. It contains millions of criminal reports. The data is updated and reliable. You will be able to see abundant information on the person you are searching (including Cobb County arrest records, prior convictions and more). Searchers’ confidentiality is fully guaranteed.

Cobb County court records

If you are interested in running a criminal records search that may shed light on a person history of convictions, go to the official website of the county’s Superior Court. It will direct you to a new online data bank that contains civil and criminal public records. Search categories include a name, a case number and offense and pleading type.

Finding sex offenders

Nothing scares parents more than sex offenders and sex predators, and rightfully so. In all of Georgia, there are more than 4,500 registered sex offenders, of which approximately 350 live in Cobb County. The sheriff maintains a sex registry that covers the county. The public can access it freely by visiting their office (see address above). For more details, you can contact the desk sergeant who is in charge of the registry at 770-499-4633 or by e-mail: SexOffender@CobbSheriff.Org.

This website's background check service

This website gives access to Cobb County arrest records, outstanding warrants and other county and state's criminal dockets. Fill out a person's name on the search tool and you will get all this information accurately and quickly. Your anonymity as a searcher is guaranteed.