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Database Update on January 27, 2023

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Guidelines for Finding Hall County Warrants and Georgia Arrest Records

The process of conducting a criminal record check in Georgia is a bit daunting as it requires using multiple sources. This article will focus on Hall County warrants. Readers will also be shown how to trace arrest records and court dockets.

Starting your warrant search

Is the person you are checking wanted by the police? Hall County warrants can answer this question. They are processed and kept by the sheriff’s Warrant Unit, so they are your main source of information. Their address is: 1700 Barber Road. Gainesville, GA 30507, phone: 770-531-6907 You should also contact the Magistrate Court (at 770-531-6912) for further details.

Where to look for Hall County arrest records

The sheriff’s website contains an alphabetical list of the county’s inmate population. By clinking on a name, you will be able to view an offender number, arresting agency, charges filed against the detainee and bond information. For more specific inquiries (about older jail records in particular), you are invited to contact the county jail staff at 770-531-6904. To carry out a broader investigation meant to obtain Georgia arrest records, we suggest visiting the computerized data bank of the GDC. It will help you trace active and inactive inmates in GA prisons according to name, GDC ID or case number.

Performing a criminal record check

If you seek more than a person’s incarceration history, we suggest turning to the sheriff’s Record Division. They provide files containing Georgia criminal history reports related to you or to a third person. A request must be submitted by visiting them in person at the sheriff office: 610 Main St. SW, Gainesville, GA 30501. Phone: 770-531-6885 You will be asked to present a photo ID and pay a fee of 20 dollars. It may take them 24 hours to prepare the report (which means you ought to visit them again to pick up the file). For more information, dial 770-531-6877.

Conducting a criminal case search

To access Hall County court records for the purpose of inquiring about a person’s history of convictions, you ought to turn to the Criminal Division at the office of the Clerk of Courts. They can be found at Hall County Courthouse. 225 Green St. SE. Gainesville, GA 30501. You will have to submit a FOIA request to view public records. According to Georgia Open Records Act, the government is obligated to provide you access to files considered public. For further information, we advise calling the Clerk’s Criminal Division at 770-531-7038 and the county’s Records Management Division at 770-503-3234.

Locating sex offenders

The Georgia Sex Offender Registry is an official search tool through which you can trace released or jailed sex felons. You can run an inquiry based on address or name. This database also includes absconders.

Optimizing your search

As you can see by now, a full background check requires referring to multiple sources. If you wish to save time while finding all the information in one comprehensive data bank, we suggest using the search service offered by By typing an individual’s name, you will obtain detailed criminal reports containing Hall County warrants, incarceration data, conviction records and much more. The data will also cover all other jurisdictions in Georgia. Accuracy and confidentiality are guaranteed.