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Database Update on August 09, 2022

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Fairfax County Arrest Records Fairfax County Arrest Records
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Fairfax County Arrest Records Search &  Criminal Record Check

This article will illustrate the most efficient way to trace Fairfax County arrest records, in order to carry out a criminal record check as well as finding police records, conducting a full warrant search and background check. The search process encompasses online and offline sources as well as public and private databases. Unfortunately, the sheriff office does not provide an inmate roster. So to inquire about the county's detainees, you can contact the jail at 703-246-2100. Once you reach them, ask about the person you are checking. If this course of investigation yields no result, you can perform a wider Virginia offender search using the Department of Corrections' online database. Take into account that results include only current inmates. To garner information on Fairfax County warrants, you ought to go to the office of the sheriff  (10459 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22030, phone no. 703-246-2328 ) and ask to view a list of the people wanted by the county's law enforcement agencies. This information is available to anyone.

Finding Fairfax County criminal records

The Virginia State Police provide a background check services for individuals. You will need to print a designated request form called S.P. 167, fill it in and send it to: Virginia State Police Central Criminal Records Exchange P.O. Box 85076 Richmond, Virginia 23261-5076 For your information, conducting an inquiry using this form necessitates the explicit consent of the subject being checked. The form has to be notarized as well.

How to access Fairfax County court records

To view a person's history of convictions, you will be required to obtain copies of criminal court dockets. It can be done in the following way:
  • The General District Court manages an online search tool where you can conduct a case search in all of VA counties according to name, case number or hearing date. This computerized archive shows traffic and misdemeanor offenses.
  • The Circuit court operates a Public Access Network which allows individual to access civil and criminal records (felony cases). However, registration for this service is quite complicated. You have to complete a subscriber agreement and deliver it in person or by mail to Fairfax Circuit Court. Attn: IT Department (CPAN) – Suite 322. 4110 Chain Bridge Road. Fairfax, Virginia 22030. For more details, go here.

Guidelines for performing a sex offender search

The state police operate a registry through which you can locate wanted, incarcerated or released sex felons by name or address.

Using this website's advanced inquiry tool

As you probably understood by now, conducting a criminal records search in Fairfax County is a cumbersome process that demands plenty of time and the use of multiple sources. If you are interested in completing your investigation faster while relying on one comprehensive data bank, provides an efficient search service that exhibits detailed criminal history reports. These reports include arrest warrants and records, court dockets and updated police records. The information is accurate and prices are affordable. Anonymity is 100% guaranteed.